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The aim of Advanced Engineering Letters journal is to publish quality experimental and theoretical
research papers in fields of Engineering and Technology.

The scope of the journal includes issues in the field of Engineering and Technology.

Mechanical Engineering;
Industrial Engineering;
Production Engineering;
Marine Engineering;
Textile Engineering;
Aeronautical Engineering;
Materials Engineering;
Mechatronics Engineering;
Manufacturing Engineering,
Instrumentation and Control Engineering,
Hydraulic Engineering;
Automatic Control Engineering;
Electrical Engineering;
System Engineering;
Computer engineering;
Automotive Engineering;
Agricultural Engineering;
Environmental Engineering,
Medical Engineering;
Chemical Engineering;
System Engineering;
Power Engineering;
Energy Engineering;
Energy Efficiency Engineering;
Petroleum Engineering;
Nuclear Engineering; 
Mining Engineering;
Metallurgical engineering;
Architectural Engineering;
Urban Engineering;
Municipal Engineering.

Mechanical Technology;
Energy Technology;
Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources and Technology;
Plastics and Polymers Technology;
Information Technology;


Volume 1
Number 3
September 2022