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The aim of the Retraction policy in the journal Advanced Engineering Letters is to regulate the legal obligations of the publisher or the protection of the copyright holder and author. The main purpose of retractions is to correct the literature and ensure its integrity rather than to punish authors who misbehave. The retraction policy of the Editorial Board is based on the fact that minor errors in the manuscript submission can be substantially corrected and after the publication, while due to heavy abuse, manuscripts can be discarded.

In the notices of retraction, there are specified the reasons and basis for the retraction, to distinguish cases of misconduct from those of honest error. Corrections will be published in the electronic version of the journal. The authors and title of the retracted article will be specified in the retraction heading. Retracted articles will not be removed from electronic archives but their retracted status will be clearly indicated.

The infringement of the legal limitations of the publisher, copyright holder or author(s), the violation of professional ethical codes and research misconduct, such as multiple submissions, duplicate or overlapping publication, bogus claims of authorship, plagiarism, fraudulent use of data and data fabrication, honest errors reported by the authors (for example, errors due to the mixing up of samples or use of a scientific tool or equipment that is found subsequently to be faulty), unethical research or any major misconduct require retraction of an article. Occasionally a retraction can be used to correct errors in submission or publication.

For any retracted article, the reason for retraction and who is instigating the retraction will be clearly stated in the Retraction notice. Standards for dealing with retractions have been developed by a number of library and scholarly bodies, and this practice has been adopted for article retraction by Journal’s title: in the electronic version of the retraction note, a link is made to the original article. In the electronic version of the original article, a link is made to the retraction note where it is clearly stated that the article has been retracted. The original article is retained unchanged, save for a watermark on the PDF indicating on each page that it is “retracted.”

In the case of a gross violation of ethical standards relating to authors, the Editorial Board of the journal shall withdraw the publication in accordance with the recommendations of the Board of Publishing Ethics COPE – Retraction Guidelines.


Volume 3
Number 2
June 2024.