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Vol.2, No.1, 2023: pp.8-14



Abdullah Sadık Tazegül1

, Ömer Sinan Şahin2

1Tüfekçioğulları Machine Company R&D Center, Karaman City, Türkiye
2Konya Technical University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Department of MechanicalEngineering, Konya City, Türkiye

Received: 15 December 2022
Revised: 20 February 2023
Accepted: 7 March 2023
Published: 31 March 2023


A wafer baking plate is set in wafer ovens, and wafer dough is baked to produce wafer sheets. Since wafer dough contains more than 50% water and is baked in a closed environment, it creates high pressure over time. This pressure puts considerable strain on the wafer baking plate and locking mechanisms and adversely affects the locking mechanism. In this case, it is necessary to calculate the stresses and displacements on the parts by modelling the loads and the boundary conditions specific to the problem for various plate locking mechanisms. This study used the finite element method to calculate and compare the stress and displacement values on two different locking mechanisms of a wafer baking plate. As a result of the analysis, the Von Mises stress value of the butterfly lock mechanism was 34.5% higher than the hook lock mechanism. The displacement value of the hook lock mechanism is 9.5% lower than the butterfly lock mechanism. Since the total contact area of the butterfly lock mechanism is shallow and the Von Mises stress value is higher than the other mechanism, it is predicted that the wear will be higher in continuous operation.


Wafer baking oven, wafer baking plate, plate locking mechanism, finite element analysis, mechanism evaluation


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© 2023 by the authors. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0)

Volume 3
Number 1
March 2024.



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A.S. Tazegül, Ö.S. Şahin, Comparison of Two Different Wafer Baking Plate Locking Mechanisms in Wafer Furnaces in Terms of Stresses. Advanced Engineering Letters, 2(1), 2023: 8-14.

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Tazegül, A. S., & Şahin, Ö. S. (2023). Comparison of Two Different Wafer Baking Plate Locking Mechanisms in Wafer Furnaces in Terms of Stresses. Advanced Engineering Letters2(1), 8–14.

Tazegül, Abdullah Sadık, and Ömer Sinan Şahin. “Comparison of Two Different Wafer Baking Plate Locking Mechanisms in Wafer Furnaces in Terms of Stresses.” Advanced Engineering Letters, vol. 2, no. 1, 2023, pp. 8–14,

Tazegül, Abdullah Sadık, and Ömer Sinan Şahin. 2023. “Comparison of Two Different Wafer Baking Plate Locking Mechanisms in Wafer Furnaces in Terms of Stresses.” Advanced Engineering Letters 2 (1): 8–14.

Tazegül, A.S. and Şahin, Ö.S. (2023). Comparison of Two Different Wafer Baking Plate Locking Mechanisms in Wafer Furnaces in Terms of Stresses. Advanced Engineering Letters, 2(1), pp.8–14. doi: 10.46793/adeletters.2023.2.1.2.